Gain Peace of Mind, Insurance Savings with Home Security Systems

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    Protecting your family and your property is likely among your chief concerns in life; exploring every option available to keep your family safe can be a time consuming, but rewarding effort. One strategy that may improve your family’s safety at home is to purchase an active home security system.

    What are the benefits of a home security system?

    Home security systems offer many benefits to Killeen area residents, including:

    • Security: According to a recent study conducted by City-Data.com, Killeen area homes were burglarized nearly 300 times in 2010. These robberies left many families reeling from serious financial and emotional damage. Home security systems may have deterred many of these robberies, and prevented the loss of personal property, family heirlooms and treasured items.
    • Safety: Many home security systems provide benefits beyond security. Most of these systems also monitor your home’s fire detection systems to alert first responders in the event of an emergency. Other options include health alerts for elderly individuals and carbon monoxide monitoring.
    • Peace of mind: The feeling that you get in knowing that your family and home is protected against thieves and fire can be invaluable. Having the added protection of a home security system can provide that feeling.
    • Savings: Home security systems can offer surprising money-saving benefits. Some insurance providers offer reduced premiums or discounts for having a home security system, including those providing jewelry insurance or coverage for high-value antiques. Other savings can be found in avoided losses; if you are able to avoid a burglary or fire, you can avoid the expense of your deductible and potential premium increases. Of course, maintaining possession of the items you treasure most is just as important as any financial savings.

    Choose the right system for your needs.

    A wide range of home security systems are available on the market. From do-it-yourself systems to off-site monitoring, your options are diverse, making it important to compare the available choices and select the one that fits your requirements.

    Companies like ADT or Lifeshield offer customized security packages, allowing you to create the system that provides you with the optimal protection and maximum peace of mind.

    Consult your neighbors for advice.

    Chances are, your neighbors, coworkers or friends have a security system, or have experienced a situation in which they wish they would have been protected. Ask your peers for their thoughts on home security systems and protection services.

    Are you interested in learning how adding a home security system could impact your insurance premiums? Contact your agent for advice today.

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