Summer Vacation

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    May 9, 2017
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    June 11, 2020

    Coconut beverage in hand, blue sky above, and warm sand below, this is paradise. Yet, despite this perfect setting, your mind is still at home, held captive by worry. After months of planning, you overslept and consequently left the house in a hurry. A move like that never fails to cause concern. The seagulls swirl, as do the questions. “What if I forgot to lock the door?” “Unplug the iron?” “Turn off the shower?”. “Okay, now I’m just being ridiculous” you say to yourself in an attempt to reign in the anxiety. But you know it’s no use.

    It’s true, vacant homes often spell trouble.Although less prepared folks may argue that your fears are irrational, the fact of the matter is, that when left unattended for periods longer than your average eight-hour work day, small home issues can become catastrophic. A leaky faucet can lead to a 2000 sq. ft. aquarium, an unattended appliance can spark a roaring bonfire, and an unlocked door can lead to a liquidation of your valuables.

    But, instead of cancelling your travel plans, take these simple steps to prepare.

    1. Turn off your water: You may have brand-new appliances and a brand-new home, but water damage does not care. In fact, last year after a day at the office, I came home to flooded apartment that had just barely finished construction. With a simple turn of the knob, you could avoid tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Also, turn your water heater down or off, as it can pose an added risk.


    1. Unplug: Of course, some items, like your refrigerator, will need to remain in outlet, but less essential items should be unplugged to avoid potential fire risk.


    1. Leave a light on: Aside from the obvious locking of doors, leaving a light or two on in your home can be a great way to deter potential intruders.


    While no amount of preparation can eliminate risk entirely, these simple steps combined with high quality property coverage should allow you piece of mind. So, pack those bags, and hit the road, because summer won’t last forever.


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