Instill Good Habits in Your Teen Driver

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    June 16, 2016
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    As your child grows, your family will experience many memorable milestones. One of the most memorable for your teen may be the day the get their driver’s license; the independence and responsibility that comes with a license is exciting to many teens. Unfortunately, the danger and risk that comes with driving is overlooked by many teen drivers.

    Prepare Your Teen for the Road

    From the moment your teen begins paying attention to your driving habits, you are teaching them how to operate a vehicle. Setting a good example for your teen can help improve their safety on the road, and may help them avoid the pain and emotional trauma of a car accident.

    Good habits to encourage in your teen driver include:

    • Focusing on the road: Even the smallest distraction can lead to an accident. Teach your teen driver to refrain from eating, horseplay with passengers and playing with the radio while driving.
    • Avoiding texting: Texting and phone use is a major contributor to accidents. Teach your teen not to text while driving, and offer suggestions on strategies for enforcing the behavior.
    • Understanding road conditions: Heavy winds and rain can make driving a challenge; be sure that your teen understands the dangers of driving in severe weather, and reinforce the need to alter driving habits to the current road conditions.
    • Adhering to speed limits: Speeding is dangerous to every driver on the road, but can be deadly to inexperienced drivers who don’t have the instincts of veterans. Teach your child to be aware of speed limits and traffic control guidelines, and to adhere to them at all times.
    • Sober driving: Alcohol and driving are a very dangerous and often deadly mix. Be sure that your teen knows the costs and risks associated with drunk driving.

    When your child is ready to drive, be sure to discuss the dangers of the road, and consider creating a family contract that addresses the consequences of irresponsible driving habits.

    Limit Your Insurance Premiums

    Adding a teen driver to your insurance plan can sometimes be more expensive than you first expect. Limiting the costs of your coverage is important – exploring all available discounts can help you keep premiums to a minimum.

    Available savings programs may include:

    • Good driver discounts
    • Good student discounts
    • Multiple driver discounts

    Have you recently added a teen driver to your insurance plan? Share your advice with other parents in the Killeen, Texas area by posting your thoughts in the comments section below.

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