Are You Fully Prepared for Severe Weather?

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    Spring in Texas can bring a wide range of severe weather systems, from hurricanes and tornadoes to heavy rains and hail storms. While the Killeen area may be outside of the common paths of hurricanes, the weather that stems from tropical storms can dramatically impact the region. Being prepared for the severe weather can make a big difference in the amount of damage, and lasting impact, these storms can have.

    Assemble an Emergency Kit

    One way to prepare for the impact of a severe weather system is to assemble an emergency supplies kit. Helpful items to have in your emergency stash include:

    • Bandages and medicine
    • Non-perishable food and water
    • Plywood for covering windows and doorways
    • Candles
    • Batteries
    • Emergency radios
    • Warm clothing

    Store your emergency kit in a safe, dry place; keeping the kit where your family will seek shelter from a storm is a great way to be sure that you will have access to the necessary items while you ride out the weather front.

    Establish a Family Safety Plan

    Another key way to prepare for severe weather is to establish a family safety plan. An effective plan covers many different issues:

    • Where to go in case of a storm
    • Responsibilities during the storm
    • A safe meeting place after the storm if the family is separated

    Be sure that every member of the family is aware of the plan; practicing the plan in advance of severe weather can be helpful in ensuring a smooth route to safety for your loved ones.

    Insure Your Property Against Storm Damage

    The aftermath of a storm can be almost as frightening as the storm itself – dealing with the damage caused by a tornado, hailstorm or heavy rains can be incredibly challenging and tiresome.

    To reduce the strain your family feels after storm damage, it can be helpful to purchase a comprehensive homeowners insurance package that addresses the potential impacts of severe weather. By speaking to one of our agents, you can review your existing coverage, compare quotes for additional options and explore potential additions to your protection plan.

    By doing so, you can help your family avoid the financial costs of:

    • Home repair or replacement
    • Repairing or replacing your furniture, clothing, electronics and appliances
    • Alternative housing while your home is repaired

    Share Your Storm Preparedness Tips

    After a storm, it is common for communities in the Killeen area to come together to deal with the damage. However, sharing your tips with your neighbors in advance of a storm could prove to be invaluable for others.

    Do you have any suggestions on the best way to prepare for a storm? Share your advice below.

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