Five Insurance Policies Your Restaurant Needs

    Are You Fully Prepared for Severe Weather?
    June 13, 2016

    Running a restaurant is risky business. Don’t get caught without the right coverage in place to help you keep your doors open and service booming.

    Our team here at BKCW has spent a lot of time helping Texas restaurateurs create and review restaurant insurance packages. All too often, we’ve come across restaurants that had serious gaps in their coverage. We hope we can save you the pain they experienced by reviewing the top five insurance policies that are all too often overlooked or undervalued:

    • Equipment breakdown insurance: Your restaurant relies on a lot of equipment to get the job done right, from comprehensive POS systems to state-of-the-art grills and ovens. If any of this breaks down, you could take a big hit. You’ll be protected against such losses with equipment breakdown insurance.
    • Liquor liability insurance: If you serve liquor to your customers, this is a must-have policy. It helps protect you if a customer gets drunk and causes injuries to self or others. The best policies will also cover you if an employee drinks too much and causes injury.
    • Business interruption insurance: This insurance can help keep income coming in while your business is closed due to losses caused by events, such as fires or severe storms.
    • Business non-owned auto insurance: If your restaurant asks employees to use their own vehicles for restaurant business, such as food delivery or dropping a deposit at the bank, then you need this policy.
    • Business umbrella insurance: In the restaurant business, you face a high risk for negligence lawsuits. An umbrella policy can help cover any financial losses related to defending a lawsuit that go over your liability limit of your base business insurance policy.

    If you don’t have any of these policies, contact us today. Or share with us other coverage you have that has saved your business in the past.

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