Finding the Right Contractor to Repair Storm Damage

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    June 16, 2016
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    Few things are as frustrating for homeowners as hail damage to your roof or a fallen tree on your deck as a result of a passing storm. Not only do you have to file a claim with your insurance company, but you also need to find the right contractor to make the needed repairs. How do you know if the crew you’re considering hiring is right for the job?

    First, always do your homework when hiring a contractor for storm damage. Ask to see their license and verify it with your state’s department of labor. They should be able to check that the license is indeed current and if the contractor has any formal disciplinary actions against them. Some states have this information on electronic databases, which are easily searchable on the internet.

    You should avoid contractors who offer their services unsolicited. Some unscrupulous operations move from county to county following storms. If the contractor: arrives in an unmarked van; asks you to sign anything before you hire them; offers to pay your homeowners insurance deductible for discounts or other incentives; requests payment before the work begins; or refuses to provide you with a written contract these are red flags and you should not use their services. It is illegal in some states for contractors to pay your insurance deductible on the condition that you hire them.

    Ask the contractor for a list of references and a detailed description of the work to be done. You should also find out if they are willing to warranty the work. You don’t want to find out they cut corners and used poor materials a few months later when the next storm hits. Any reputable contractor should be willing to give you some sort of warranty.

    After homeowners sustain storm damage, many take that time to review their insurance policy. Was the deductible too high? Were you unsatisfied with the claims process? We can help you compare several homeowners insurance policies from a variety of providers. You may want to consider making changes to your current policy, or find a new provider all together after filing a claim for storm damage. We will help you find the coverage you need at rates you can afford.

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