Texas Employee Benefits

A robust employee benefits package can make a huge difference in your business. Solid employee benefits increase loyalty, drive employee engagement, and encourage workers to stay with your company.


BKCW has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes throughout Texas. We help businesses choose various types of insurance to offer, which are among some of the most attractive types of benefits to employees.


Group Health Insurance for Texas Businesses


In a survey conducted by Monster.com, survey participants were asked to rank benefits by value and importance when considering a prospective job. The most important benefit? A healthcare plan.


Aside from the obvious benefits group health coverage provides your employees, there are additional financial benefits for you and your company:

  • Companies with group health plans have lower absenteeism and higher productivity.
  • Employers carrying group health plans may qualify for tax incentives, such as reduced payroll taxes.
  • Group health premiums are typically cheaper than independent health policies, as the risk is spread out among numerous policy holders.


Depending on the group health policy you choose, the coverage can extend to your dependents and those of your employees. And, unlike individual plans that may reject coverage based on preexisting medical conditions, no person will be denied benefits through a group health plan.


Ancillary Coverage


Ancillary benefits are essential when it comes to rounding out your employee health benefit offerings, as health insurance does not cover everything health-related. BKCW also helps employers select voluntary and ancillary coverage, including:

  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Cancer insurance


Your agent will take the time to understand your goals as an employer. They will compare policies from the nation’s top insurance companies, which will allow you to choose a group health plan rate and features that will control costs while offering the best benefits.


At BKCW, we have worked with countless businesses to help them select the right employee benefits and group plans. From deductibles to out-of-pocket expenses, we understand all nuances involved in group health plans. Contact our office today for additional information at 512-250-5055.

How We Help

BKCW cuts to the heart of the matter by listening and learning about your business, making sure your investment and employees are fully and properly insured.

Risk Management Audit

BKCW conducts a unique Risk Management Audit through which we identify, measure, and prioritize our clients’ risks. By going Beyond Insurance™ to uncover risks and exposures that threaten your bottom line, we are able to save you money and protect your business.

Why Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits play a huge role in keeping employees happy and improving overall retention. By providing your employees with access to various types of health plans, you are showing them that you value their contributions to your business.

Policy Reviews

We conduct formal reviews about six months after writing your business insurance policy as a way of confirming that the level of coverage is still appropriate, and to make sure that we are working effectively to achieve mutually agreed upon risk management insurance goals and objectives.

“AT BKCW INSURANCE, ‘ABOUT US’ STARTS WITH ‘ABOUT YOU’, YOUR BUSINESS, OR YOUR FAMILY,” We want to know what keeps you up at night, what excites you when you get up in the morning, and what you are great at.


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