A home is the biggest, most expensive purchase most people will ever make. Many homeowners save for years just to be able to have enough for a decent down payment and to cover any closing or unforeseen costs. However, after making such a huge investment, it is astounding how many homeowners do not make an effort to ensure their new property is properly and fully insured.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to being a homeowner, you also need to commit to obtaining a proper Texas home insurance policy. And while the prospect of buying a homeowner’s insurance policy may be overwhelming for some, BKCW makes the entire process easy to understand (and something you can feel good about).

When you call BKCW, you’ll talk to one of our home insurance agents who will conduct a risk management audit. We will listen to you, try to develop a full understanding of your unique risks as a homeowner, and help you figure out ways to reduce that risk — which, in turn, will reduce the cost of your premium. For example, if you live in a high-risk area for hurricanes like along the Gulf Coast, you may be able to save money by reinforcing your roof or adding storm shutters to your home.

Instead of tweaking an existing template for a Texas homeowner’s insurance policy, we craft yours from scratch so it fits your specific needs. We outline what we need to do and what you need to do to ensure goals are being met, and schedule a follow up a few months down the road to make sure the policy is serving you well. We’ll even provide you with a customer service report card so you can critique our performance in a number of critical areas — we always want to be sure that you are happy and satisfied with our service.

What Texas Home Insurance Covers

Home insurance is a necessity for any dwelling you own — single family homes, condos, second homes, vacation homes, and larger luxury homes. Your Texas home insurance may cover:

  • Structures – The house itself and any attached structures such as garages are included here, and are covered in the event of fire, theft, and numerous other threats. Certain natural disasters are not included in the covered list of perils, so your agent will help you determine if additional coverage may be necessary.
  • Personal belongings – Most personal property inside the home will be covered, to a point. Some property, including antiques, jewelry, and other valuables, will likely require additional insurance.
  • Liability – Should you or someone in your house cause harm to another person, either on or off your property, you will be compensated for any medical or legal bills resulting from a lawsuit. Lawsuits can drain funds quickly, so we always recommend purchasing an umbrella policy to protect your family from bankruptcy.

Other policies you may want to consider adding to your portfolio include hurricane insurance, storm, wind, and hail insurance, and flood insurance. Your BKCW agent will speak with you about your options.

You bought a house in Texas — so don’t let anyone other than a Texas insurance agent handle your home insurance. Located in Killeen and Austin, we understand what it’s like to be a homeowner in Texas and our team will make sure your new investment is properly covered and taken care of. Contact BKCW today for additional information by calling 512-250-5055.

How We Help

BKCW cuts to the heart of the matter by listening to what your business needs and making sure your investment is fully and properly insured.

Reduce Risk = Lower Premiums

BKCW takes a problem-solving approach when it comes to the risks you have as a homeowner. After conducting a risk management audit, we will show you where your risks are and help you figure out ways to reduce or eliminate them—which means we’re able to negotiate a lower rate on your behalf.

Why Texas Home Insurance?

The average loss for homeowners from 2010-2014 was over $9,000 — some types of damage, like fire, lightning, and debris, resulted in nearly $40,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. If you had that type of loss tomorrow, would you have the money to pay for it without the help of insurance?

Tailor-Made Home Insurance Policies

Most insurance agents will try to sell you a home insurance policy that isn’t the right fit — sure, it covers you in some critical areas, but it may completely miss others you really need (or make you pay for coverage you don’t need at all). BKCW’s home insurance policies are tailor-made and exactly what you’re looking for.

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