Just like you have home insurance for your private residence, you also need commercial property insurance for your business. When a disaster occurs and the location in which you conduct business is negatively affected, Texas commercial property insurance helps get you up and running again as quickly as possible — and ensures you don’t suffer any major financial losses from the physical damage, and loss of business.

When a covered event happens, like a fire or hail storm, a Texas commercial property insurance policy takes care of a few different things for you:

  • The building – Whether you have a storefront, office building, or factory, business property insurance will cover any damage done to the actual building.
  • Business property inside the building – This can include the merchandise you sell, company computers, or any other objects that play a role in your ability to do business.
  • Lost income – If a disaster impacts your ability to conduct business, Texas commercial property insurance will pay you that lost money while repairs and replacements are being made.

The extent of how much commercial property insurance you will need, however, will depend on your unique business. For example, a small, one-man operation isn’t going to need as much coverage as a huge company with 500 employees.

This is where BKCW’s Risk Management Audit sets our agency apart from other insurance agencies.
We get to know you, your business, your goals, and most importantly, your risks. By understanding the risks your business faces (including risks to the property), we can recommend ways to reduce or eliminate the risk, and design a business insurance policy with the ideal amount of commercial property insurance. That way, you’re not paying for anything you don’t need and you can have peace of mind knowing your commercial property is completely protected.

Additionally, once your policy is in place, we will follow up a few months later to ensure the coverage is still suiting your property insurance needs and that we’re all meeting the risk management goals previously set. We’ll even ask you to fill out a report card to let us know if you’re pleased with our service and if you feel like we’re holding up our end of the bargain.

In Texas, commercial property insurance can make a huge difference in the event your business property is damaged in a covered event. Call 512-250-5055 to speak with a BKCW agent and to get additional information about commercial property insurance, and other forms of business insurance.

How We Help

BKCW cuts to the heart of the matter by listening to what your business needs and making sure your investment is fully and properly insured.

Business Risk Management Audit

BKCW conducts a unique diagnostic process through which we identify, measure, and prioritize our clients’ risks. By going Beyond Insurance™ to uncover risks and exposures that threaten your mission and bottom line, we are able to save you money and protect your business.

Why Texas Commercial Property Insurance?

What would you do if a fire damaged not just the building that houses your business, but all of your merchandise and equipment inside? Commercial property insurance covers all of the physical damage — plus, any money you lose while you’re unable to operate..

Regular Coverage Reviews

We conduct formal reviews about six months after writing your policy as a way of confirming that the level of coverage is still appropriate, and to make sure that we are working effectively to achieve mutually agreed upon risk management insurance goals and objectives.

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