Texas Commercial Auto Insurance

Any vehicle on the road in Texas needs to be insured, and that includes any automobiles that are used for business purposes. These cars, trucks, and vans (whether owned or leased) need to be protected by commercial auto insurance, which is a type of car insurance specifically for businesses.


In Texas, commercial auto insurance is like your personal auto policy in the way that it provides coverage for liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorists, and medical payments. However, commercial auto insurance tends to be a bit more robust and have differences in coverages, exclusions, and limits.


You probably require Texas commercial auto insurance if your business:


  • Has employees who drive their own cars to conduct business
  • Has employees who drive company-owned, leased, or rented vehicles
  • Owns, leases, or rents various motor vehicles


Still not sure if your business needs commercial auto insurance? Contact BKCW and we will help you figure it out. If we think you could benefit from a Texas commercial auto insurance policy, we’ll conduct our Risk Management Audit which looks at the whole picture and determines possible risks your company faces. Once the risks have been identified, we will advise you on ways to reduce or eliminate them — which usually ends up lowering your premium and making your insurance more cost effective.


We will even put together a service plan which will outline what you need to do to make sure you’re meeting the expectations of the policy and the audit. A few months down the road, we will follow up to ensure you are still happy with your coverage and give you the opportunity to let us know if you are happy with our service. We’re always here to help you — not just when you’re buying your initial policy, but all the time.
If cars, trucks, vans, or other motor vehicles play a role in how you do business, get the Texas commercial auto insurance your company needs to stay protected. Contact BKCW today for additional information and to learn more about our business insurance packages by calling 512-250-5055.

How We Help

BKCW cuts to the heart of the matter by listening and learning about your business, making sure your investment is fully and properly insured.

Risk Management Audit

BKCW conducts a unique diagnostic process through which we identify, measure, and prioritize our clients’ risks. By going Beyond Insurance™ to uncover risks and exposures that threaten your bottom line, we are able to save you money and protect your business.

Why Texas Commercial Auto Insurance?

Auto accidents happen every single day on U.S. roadways and drivers are always at risk of being injured in an accident, or causing an accident that injures someone else. What would you do if one of your employees crashed a company-owned vehicle, sustained injuries, and killed another driver? Would you have the money to cover all costs, plus a possible lawsuit?

Regular Coverage Reviews

We conduct formal reviews about six months after writing your commercial auto insurance policy as a way of confirming that the level of coverage is still appropriate, and to make sure that we are working effectively to achieve mutually agreed upon risk management insurance goals and objectives.

“AT BKCW INSURANCE, ‘ABOUT US’ STARTS WITH ‘ABOUT YOU’, YOUR BUSINESS, OR YOUR FAMILY,” We want to know what keeps you up at night, what excites you when you get up in the morning, and what you are great at.


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